Saturday, 6 October 2018

Ray Galton - d. October 5th 2018

I knocked on doors
on streets 
that never were
- Railway Cuttings, 
Oil Drum Lane -
gone away they said
but you’ll laugh like a drain
at what he left behind.

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Montserrat Caballé - d. October 6th 2018

Some days pass through
leave us senza coloratura, 
and yet: 
the rustle of a dress, 
a voice like rioja, 
a fading cadenza
to the finest aria.

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Monday, 1 October 2018

Charles Aznavour - d. October 1st 2018

Ce qui fait un homme
n’est pas ce qu’il fait
pas ce qu’il dit
mais comment 
il chante les chansons
il a appris hier,
quand il était jeune.

Geoffrey Hayes - d. October 1st 2018

We leave behind
our televisions, lift 
our eyes skyward
pointing as you rise
on soft updrafts,
up above the streets 
and houses, 
climbing high.

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